Preventing OBI in RFoG

Successful collaboration of Türksat, Renkel Elektronik and Hirschmann Multimedia preventing OBI in RFoG

This month Türksat and Renkel Elektronik visited the research and development laboratory of Hirschmann Multimedia to witness the detailed Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for the new SPARK platform. As a result of the FAT, Türksat officially approved the SPARK platform and has listed Hirschmann Multimedia as an approved manufacturer for Türksat and Renkel Elektronik.



The SPARK platform offers the perfect solution for OBI (Optical Beat Interference) problems in Radio Frequency over Glass (RFoG) networks. This new collaboration will be the start of a series of innovative and high-quality products for the Turkish cable and communication market.

Türksat is one of the world's leading companies providing satellite communications and is the national cable provider of Turkey. Renkel Elektronik is provider of cost-effective and high-tech product solutions for the Turkish market. Together they monitored the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). During the FAT, in-depth measurements were taken to evaluate the functionality, manufacturing quality as well as an assessment of Hirschmann Multimedia’s general performance and quality. The SPARK platform: a Multi Diode Receiver (MDR) intended to eliminate  Optical Beat Interference (OBI) in RFoG networks was tested thoroughly and successfully. The SPARK 16 and SPARK 32 are modular, so specific customer requirements can easily be assembled during manufacturing.

Hirschmann Multimedia is a developer and manufacturer of innovative (provider) products for cable and communication networks. Hirschmann Multimedia constantly pushes for the lowest energy consumption and state-of-the art technology, resulting in low energy costs and future proof products like this new SPARK platform (SPARK 16 / SPARK 32).

The interest of Hirschmann Multimedia is to create an optimal functioning network with the best products, guaranteeing the highest quality of service for customers, a long stable lifetime and therefore a very low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). TCO has become more important than ever before. Together with Türksat and Renkel Elektronik, Hirschmann Multimedia provides future proof products. Products from Hirschmann Multimedia are easy to install and migrate to new standards. This is made possible by using innovative technology and smart software combined with years of experience. Later this year, the new 1218 MHz Amplifier and Node line will also be introduced.

In addition to a successful meeting and FAT, Daan Bonenkamp, Chief Technical Officer of Hirschmann Multimedia adds: “It was a pleasure to host this visit. We’re looking back at a very satisfying meeting and look forward to both parties working closely together.”


About Türksat Company

Türksat Uydu Haberleşme Kablo TV ve İşletme A.Ş. (Türksat Company) is one of the world's leading companies providing all types of satellite communications. Providing services for voice, data, Internet, TV and radio broadcasting through the satellites across a wide area from Europe to Asia, Türksat is able to provide flexible solutions aimed at customer needs in regions where no terrestrial infrastructure is available. Bringing different languages and cultures together by means of global solutions in satellite communications, Türksat also provides cable broadcasting services for domestic subscribers through the existing cable infrastructure. In addition, Türksat operates the e-Government Portal within the scope of its information services and conducts projects for the provision of public services electronically.

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About Renkel Elektronik

Renkel Elektronik has been a reliable partner of many firms since its foundation in 2007. The company endeavours to bring expertise in the market to its customer base. For this purpose, Renkel Elektronik has set up a solid network, nationally and internationally, which enables the company to propose an efficient solution to client demands.

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About Hirschmann Multimedia

Hirschmann Multimedia B.V. provides high-quality communications technology whether you are a consumer, a business, government or service provider in Europe. Global technological trends are translated by our research and development department into products and solutions. Hirschmann Multimedia products are innovative, cost effective, energy efficient and sustainable.


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It is our business to develop and manufacture products for a future-proof network based on proven technologies. Hirschmann Multimedia takes the next steps in innovation, product development and production efficiency. As a result, our product portfolio is the most innovative of today’s technical needs and standards. With our wide range of high-quality products you can easily migrate your hybrid fibre coaxial network to the next generation networks.